How to locate the horse trainer from hell

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If you are looking for a horse trainer and don't know who to avoid then just look them up here. Look under your location (if no location then just suggest one under any of the posts as a comment and I will add it ASAP) for horse trainers from hell and look at the comments. See if the horse trainer you are thinking about taking lessons from or sending your horse to has a tale from hell. If you have experienced a horse trainer from hell either a professional or amateur then let off some steam here and let the rest of the horse world know about them. Don't forget to name names. Please read this first before posting If the trainer in question disputes the claims they find on here then they are very welcome to post a comment too. Tell only the truth. Comments are only moderated to screen out ads for websites or "buy this or that" spam and for not staying on topic. General comments should be made under the "General Blog Posts" category.

145+ race horses have died for the sole sake of money on the track in the last 5 months alone

If you have ever visited the MSNBC message boards about horse racing you would have seen the statistics on the amount of deaths of Thoroughbreds during a race. Did you know that 24 horses died during the Triple Crown races? Eight Belles was the only one to get publicity.

At the Lone Star race track, one horse drowned during a race after crashing through the side railing and lading in the infield pond. They fished the horse out the next day after the races were done. Didn't they bother to save the horse before he drowned?

Where do I put the blame of all of those "accidents"? Squarely on the shoulders of the trainers of course. They are the only ones that truly know the condition of the horses before the race. They can stand up to the owners and tell them that the horse is not ready or well that day. They can also be the ones that tell the owners that a horse is not matched right for a distance or caliber of race. Why don't they do that? Money is the reason. They know if they turn down a client then the owner will take their horse to someone else that will run the horse into the ground. Now if more trainers stood up to money hungry owners then the owners would have nowhere to turn to.

Years ago a good friend of mine was a top racehorse trainer on the west coast circuit. His father and brother are still in the business. Why did he quit? He loved the horses too much and every time he got attached to a horse the owner would sell it. The owners are the ones that govern the money and the true futures of those horses and the trainers are merely pawns that can be tossed aside if the horse is not winning. The trainers on the other hand are the ones that can really make a difference in the quality of life for the race horse. If all of them grouped together and said we will not run a horse younger than 4 years old then I bet that fatal injuries on the track would be almost eliminated. Only the caring and passionate racehorse trainers can make a difference in the sport of horse racing. It is those race horse trainers that have to band together and weed out the unscrupulous, abusive and down right greedy horse trainers in their mist.