How to locate the horse trainer from hell

Please read this first

If you are looking for a horse trainer and don't know who to avoid then just look them up here. Look under your location (if no location then just suggest one under any of the posts as a comment and I will add it ASAP) for horse trainers from hell and look at the comments. See if the horse trainer you are thinking about taking lessons from or sending your horse to has a tale from hell. If you have experienced a horse trainer from hell either a professional or amateur then let off some steam here and let the rest of the horse world know about them. Don't forget to name names. Please read this first before posting If the trainer in question disputes the claims they find on here then they are very welcome to post a comment too. Tell only the truth. Comments are only moderated to screen out ads for websites or "buy this or that" spam and for not staying on topic. General comments should be made under the "General Blog Posts" category.

It's nice to see that I am not alone in my fight to rid the world of awful horse trainers

There are many blog writers out in cyberland that have devoted their time and energy into finding and exposing the worst of the worst when it comes to horse abuse by trainers. One of my favorites has got to be Fugly Horse of the Day. I have read Cathy's blog since the first month it came out over a year ago. While she mostly hits hard the really bad horse breeders in the industry she also touches on the horse trainers that have ruined horses.

Another blog that I only just discovered is Shame in the Horse Show Ring. That blog hits almost every trainer that shows horses under saddle at the age of 2 with lots of other disgraceful training subjects too.

If you know of any blogs that a similar to these and think that the readers of this blog might like them then by all means make a comment.